Sage Eldercare Solutions


Sage Eldercare helps Bay Area families care for their loved ones with expert core services that provide for the highest level of individualized solutions and care. We also specialize in helping families find solutions and care for loved ones living with dementia—and adapting those solutions over time to meet the changing physical and cognitive abilities of our client.

Professional Care Management

If the task of providing or finding care for a loved one is placing stress on your family, we can lighten your load. With a variety of services ranging from assessment, planning, and problem solving to concierge in-home care, our aging life care professionals offer broad experience, compassionate support and concrete strategies to help with the practical side of caregiving. Find out more about our Care Management Services and see if a care manager is right for your family.

Our Dementia Care Philosophy is guided by best practices in our field and is focused on relating to our client as a whole person, paying close attention to verbal and non-verbal communication, and keeping our client’s quality of life at the center of all we do.

Home Care

Sage Eldercare offers a boutique home care experience for our care management clients*. With a limited client base, we are able to devote our energy and creativity to detailed, concierge care, focused on the needs, interests, and wishes of each client. We are a team of care managers, care providers, and care coordinators who truly embrace the idea that each individual encompasses their own set of beliefs, traditions, and rituals that should be respected and nurtured.

We directly employ, train, and manage all our care staff—and update families weekly (or daily as needed) with written reports that give a day-by-day accounting of their loved one’s week. Read more about our commitment to highly detailed assessments and planning, quality assurance, and quality of life in home care.

Hummingbird Therapeutic Activity Program

Our unique Hummingbird Therapeutic Activity Program helps clients rediscover old passions and explore new interests. We pair clients with activity specialists who engage them in regular one-on-one sessions and create customized Therapeutic Activity and Sensory Kits that can be used by clients, care providers, and family members at any time.

Corporate Eldercare

We offer consultation and training services focused on eldercare as it relates to your employees or clients. To help reduce employee stress and absenteeism due to caregiving responsibilities, we also offer on-site Care Management Clinics, short one-on-one sessions where members of our team help employees plan for or problem solve around family caregiving issues.