Caring for an elderly loved one or planning for your own care can be overwhelming, often raising questions and concerns about a wide range of issues. Sage Eldercare provides consulting and management services for older and disabled adults and their families. We specialize in complex medical situations, challenging family dynamics, and best practices in dementia care. Our care management service is based on knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate problem solving and advocacy to bring quality of care and quality of life to our clients and their families.

Professional care management ensures a supportive, thorough, and effective process and includes a range of services to help address clients’ health, emotional, functional, legal, financial, and other needs. Our aging life care professionals are problem solvers, advocates, service coordinators, and counselors. With an established professional network, we have an intimate knowledge of resources in the community.

Our understanding of aging-related issues and solutions in the Bay Area enables our team members to best serve the needs of our clients and family members. Many of our care managers have devoted their careers to best practices in dementia care, one of the most complex issues aging adults and their families can face.

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