Client and Family Testimonials about Sage Eldercare Care Management

Debra, Nina, Lisa and the Sage team are fabulous. They are always first and foremost concerned with my aunt’s needs, working in whatever way is best for her and her condition has improved enormously since Sage became involved in her care. We are all more grateful than we can say for all they do, and the way in which they do it.

I can not say enough wonderful things about Sage Eldercare! The attention to detail and personal care that Barbara has given to my parents is amazing. She has made sure that all of their medical needs are met but perhaps more importantly, she has also addressed their social needs which I think are often overlooked at the end of life. Barbara, Nina, and the Sage team are taking wonderful care of my parents and have also been instrumental in bringing some joy back into their lives. I am forever grateful!!

Lisa was right on top of developing an action plan and then following through, even with all the ups and downs my aging mother presented. She shouldered the major responsibilities of getting my mother stabilized after the siblings recognized the issues we faced were beyond our ability to address. Lisa was in frequent contact with me and my siblings and handled significant obstacles and resistance in a professional, reassuring way.

The staff at Sage are extremely knowledgable, caring, and competent. Barbara has been highly successful at arranging care for my uncle who lives away from me, and as a result his health a make a dramatic turn for the better. She handled things while I was away and provided regular updates. Thank you, Barbara!

Sage and its team of folks were instrumental in helping my family break down and manage the responsibilities of having an aging parent. They were extremely responsive to not only my mother but also to my siblings as we faced this complex evolution as needs changed, my mother’s health fluctuated, and she moved to residential care.[/su_quote][su_quote cite=”Busy B., Menlo Park, CA”]Nina has been an amazing support to my Mom and my whole family. She has a very keen sense of how to connect with people and to really understand what they need. She is a steadfast advocate for my Mom and for all of us as we tried to navigate the complex maze of options and services. Thank you, Nina!

Client and Family Testimonials about the Hummingbird Therapeutic Activity Program

Over the course of almost two years, one activity specialist met with a client weekly for two hours to write a memoir about his service in WWII. Along with writing a memoir, this activity specialist engaged the client’s love of music, dance, and researching family heritage. The family shared this message following an activity session.

Looks like everyone is enjoying their time together! My Dad looks so happy….thank you all for taking such good care of him :)

With the help of a Sage Activity Specialist, one client has reinvested in her personal passion for the arts and entertainment through intellectual stimulation specifically targeted to her interests. This client and her activity specialist meet regularly to enjoy alcohol-free cocktails by the fireplace while exploring current San Francisco Bay Area culture, events, and the client’s favorite poets. The client’s family shared the following gratitude after reading an activity session report,

It appears that you two have hit a home run! The client herself said, Thank you for the energy you bring to me every week—we have fun together!

Another activity specialist brings unique programming to a couple living with dementia; the focus is on engaging their individual strengths, fostering connection between the couple, and mentoring the care providers on new ways to engage the couple’s interests in music, movies, culture, food, and outings. In turn, the clients’ family feels they have benefited from reading about the activity specialist’s interventions, specifically regarding their Mother’s participation in preparing healthy snacks to enjoy during an arm chair travel session,

I’m really happy with the activity specialist’s help!! We have my parents over for dinner on Thursday nights and, last night, we had my Mom help with some basic food preparation, which I could tell she enjoyed. We got the idea from these reports on the Activity Specialist sessions and what she is doing with my Mom. I really look forward to reading these summaries each week!

One client meets weekly with an activity specialist to play intellectually stimulating games, participate in creative expression exercises (including Touch Drawing, mandala art, and more) and engage in “armchair” travel sessions, including visits to Paris, Greece, and Thailand. These sessions provide this client living in a skilled nursing community an opportunity to experience joy and connection beyond the walls of her facility. After completing a project focused on fostering gratitude for the client’s inherent beauty, the client stated to the activity specialist,

You taught me how to enjoy life again—thank you.

Before meeting this client, our activity specialist had been told that she was living with dementia and more often than not, presented an aggressive behavior. As our activity specialist walked through the room for their first encounter, the client warmly greeted her and was elated that they shared a common heritage. The client took pleasure in showing her beautiful home and shared stories from when she was young. She welcomed our activity specialist back to her home with open arms and from that day on a special bond was created. When our activity specialist arrives to the client’s home now, she immediately recognizes her and enjoys catching up on the past week’s events.

I am “over the top” thrilled with these reports and progresses! As I so vehemently defended her “right to a better life” to her doctors in early December when they really wanted to “write her off.” She is reacting exactly as I hoped she would, given the encouragement she needed!!! I literally could “do a dance”!!!!!