The Sage Eldercare team can provide answers for some questions you may be asking, such as:

“My mother has recently shown signs of forgetfulness and memory loss. I’m concerned that she may have Alzheimer’s and that she’s not safe at home alone. How can I find medical specialists and arrange for a trained caregiver?”

“I’m helping my parents consider alternative living arrangements. We’re not sure if they should remain independent, move in with me or into an assisted living facility. Can you help us determine the best path for our situation?”

“My mother is returning home after a recent hospitalization. Can you assist us in identifying and managing the necessary medical and care services?”

“I would like to continue living independently, but I am getting older and need help getting the medical attention I require. I don’t have any long term plans in place. Could you help me create long term plans and assist me in hiring reliable professionals?”

“I live far away from my father, who is rather ill. I can not travel frequently and there are no local relatives near him. We need help monitoring his health, following up on his doctors’ appointments, and providing updates to us.”

Sage Eldercare Care Management Services

  • Provide comprehensive in-home assessments that evaluate physical and emotional status, strengths and limitations, and the ability to live independently
  • Develop a written plan of care with recommendations specific to the older adult’s needs
  • Implement recommendations and proactively manage care to meet the needs of older adults and avoid crises
  • Daily or weekly monitoring to ensure proper in-home care and medication
  • Evaluate facility care options and costs
  • Advocate with doctors and others to ensure the best possible quality of care
  • Screen, arrange, and supervise in-home care providers
  • Provide dementia expertise to older adult and family which includes: family education, effective communication, working with behavioral issues
  • Accurate and reliable reports to family