We offer comprehensive consultation and training services to corporate clients through our Sage LifeForce Program—focused on eldercare as it relates to your employees or clients. We’re also proud to offer on-site Care Management Clinics to help your employees plan for or deal with caregiving issues—with the goal of reducing employee stress and absenteeism due to these often overwhelming responsibilities.

Sage LifeForce Program

Based on our training and direct service experience, we have developed programs for sharing eldercare information and teaching decision making and caregiving skills. This model hinges on several “keys to success” that are unique to our Sage LifeForce program. Distinct from most corporate or educational programs:

  • We provide one-on-one consultations within an effective and comprehensive framework for reducing stress, lost time, and wasted money.
  • We employ written education and planning tools, such as the LifeForce Action Plan, to provide clear, concise and actionable steps.
  • Our services, tools and resources were designed to ease caregiver burden – thereby reducing absenteeism, workplace interruptions, and employee turnover.
  • We help employees proactively initiate the education and planning process, rather than wait to react to a crisis.
  • Our professionals bring direct field experience from helping hundreds of families navigate the maze of eldercare resources.
  • We make these customized eldercare benefits available to employers in a cost-effective format which incorporates group and individual forums.

Sage LifeForce consulting services and clinics provide personal, efficient, and cost-effective care management not available through referral services. Read more about our:

Care Management Clinics

1:1 Problem Solving with an aging life care professional
This 50-minute consultation provides a forum for an employee (and spouse or other caregiver) to meet one-on-one with an aging life care professional to address specific questions and concerns. An objective and professional overview can assist employees and their families in identifying primary issues, risks, and goals. The consultation enables the employee to gather specific resources and referrals and further document their Eldercare Plan with actionable next steps. We encourage spouses or other caregivers to attend the consultation if this is consistent with your benefits policies.

Significant Productivity Loss from Caregiving Responsibilities

A recent MetLife study found that caregiving costs American employers as much as $33 billion annually due to absenteeism, worker replacement costs following turnover due to caregiving responsibilities, workday crises, and supervision costs. The findings include the fact that female caregivers are absent from work an average of 2 days per month (24.75 days per year) and male caregivers an average of 1 day per month (9 days per year). These responsibilities can involve a multitude of time-consuming tasks that can require days or weeks at a time to address, particularly for long distance caregivers.
To stem flood of costs, the MetLife study recommends: “Employers should take proactive measures now to address these issues by making eldercare resources available…Current and future caregivers and employers need to plan carefully for their loved’ ones long term care needs….To help meet this challenge, employers need to develop programs such as information, referral, and education programs.”[1] On the one hand, 20%-25% of employees report caregiving responsibilities, yet on the other hand less than 1% of employees in the typical organization take advantage of their employer’s EAP offering. A recent article in the New York Times[2] suggests one reason for the disparity – typical eldercare EAP’s don’t save employees time, headaches, or money. “It was like going to the yellow pages,” according to one employee.

To learn more about how Sage Eldercare Corporate Services can help your organization reduce absenteeism due to employee caregiving—and add value for your employees—contact us at (650) 652-5642 or Contact us.