Have you found yourself worrying that your mother can no longer adequately care for herself due to illness or age? Do you fear that declining physical or cognitive abilities may place your grandfather’s safety at risk when he is left alone? If you’re facing daunting situations such as these, home care may be the best answer, and our aging life care professionals can help you make that decision if and when the time comes.

The Sage Eldercare Home Care Experience

Sage Eldercare offers a truly different level of home care for our care management clients, with uncommon attention to detail and individualized, concierge services focused on everyday quality of life. We are a team of aging life care professionals, care attendants, care coordinators, and activity specialists who see every client as a whole person. Our detailed care plans are built upon the specific needs for care and support as well as preferences, traditions, interests, and life history of each client.

Our personal care attendants are hired by us, trained by us, and closely supported and supervised by our expert staff. We offer round the clock live-in shifts as well as hourly shifts from 4 to 12 hours. With more than 130 personal care attendants, we have an extensive team of highly-trained employees available to provide for the diverse needs of our clients.

Here is a glimpse at our one-of-a kind home care experience:

Personalized, holistic planning: One of our aging life care professionals creates a home care plan tailored to address the unique needs of a client, drawing on the expertise of our entire team. We include a quality of life assessment for each of our clients with the expectation that this will add value to their lives. We consider the environmental and personal needs of each client, whom we support with a holistic approach to care that cultivates their social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual well-being.

Selective caregiver pairing and personalized training: We strive to pair clients with personal care attendants who provide the best fit for each client in terms of caregiving skills, as well as cultural background and quality of life interests. All of our caregivers are employees, and are screened, bonded, insured, and have undergone a comprehensive background check. We are able to attract the best caregiving candidates in the industry, as we pay at or above other agencies and we offer health care, paid time off, and 401k with employer match. Simply put, we pay our personal care attendants more and we expect more of them.

Active daily supervision and family reporting: Sage Eldercare personal care attendants are in contact after each shift with our quality assurance managers regarding each client’s holistic well-being, as well as items that need follow up. Our home care director and her team determine the appropriate corrective actions to address changes in a client’s needs and look for opportunities to improve a client’s experience. In addition, they conduct unannounced visits (usually weekly) to ensure active compliance with care plans. For each client, we provide weekly detailed written reports to family members recounting daily activities and observations.

Home Care Quality of Life: Sage Eldercare’s Hummingbird team, who are devoted solely to our clients’ quality of life, create a mini “quality of life plan” for every home care client, to engage and stimulate clients based on their unique interests, abilities, and life histories. These complimentary plans include activities designed to help clients rediscover old passions and explore new interests. We track the success of the plan with a written report, asking how the activities are being received by our client, by care providers and family members, and evaluating how we should modify or adapt the plan.

Coordinated delivery of care: Our efforts draw on the contribution of care managers, personal care attendants, care coordinators, and staff and clinical supervisors. We actively collaborate within each client team to identify changes in needs and circumstances and make the appropriate adjustments that best serve the client’s care and quality of life. While care management and coordination are billed separately, all other home care training, quality of life programming, supervision, and family reporting is included in the hourly or daily home care fees.

Daily monitoring and reporting: Our daily monitoring and reporting process for home care clients provides real-time updates on an on-going basis to make any necessary adjustments to the care plan, and to ensure the highest quality outcomes for our clients.

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and In-Home Care Services

Here are just a few of the activities and services that are part of in-home care:

  • Personal Care – help with dressing and personal hygiene, including bath/shower assistance
  • In Home Meal Prep – assistance with meals, or complete meal prep
  • Transportation – in personal car or client car
  • Companionship – activities around the house or outside the house
  • Medication Reminders – administering medication and monitoring physical health
  • Quality of Life Improvement – outings and exposure to music and community events
  • Light Housekeeping – helping to keep the home tidy, including laundry
  • Shopping – for groceries, clothes, personal items, and miscellaneous errands
  • Pet Care – walking, feeding, love & affection, basic grooming
  • Reading and/or playing games
  • Mental Stimulation – individualized to match the interests and abilities of each client
  • Other client specific tasks in the client’s care plan – such as accompanying client to medical appointments, social or religious events,  or other non-medical assistance